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In today’s world, not having a modernized web presence can be holding your company back from its true full potential. The 21st century customer expects an experience that is fast, easy, and aesthetically pleasing when visiting your website. Each visitor is a potential customer, and what they see on your website is how you choose to represent your brand and services to the world. 

Here at ExpressDev we enable you to offer your customers a better experience through clean, modern, efficient, and engaging websites for your brand. We know you’re operating in a a tough space where competition is fierce, and by taking the next steps to improve your customers on-line engagement with your business you are ensuring a bright future for your company and employee’s. 

Keep scrolling to see the benefits you can experience by upgrading your website today. 

Experience design at scale

Just because moving isn’t sexy doesn’t mean your web presence to the world can’t be. Your customers appreciate the attention to detail when packing their items, and they’ll appreciate that you’ve taken the investment in your web presentation too.

Understand your user experience

Your customers have seen a moving website before. We’ll help build something for them to engage with and build trust to set you apart from the other movers in the neighborhood. 

remain responsive across devices

Mobile is the new normal. Your site will be 100% responsive on mobile, tablet, and desktops so you’ll never loose a lead because of a website display issue.

Get More Customers Today.

74% of visitors decide on a company based on their web design. Modernize your presentation to the world and never miss a lead again.

Increase Leads & boost conversions

Real time stats

We'll include a dashboard and Analytics tracking with your web package. This will give you the power to see who is visiting, from where, and for what reasons. Data that can help you convert leads and grow your business.

Multilingual & translatable

People needs to move in all languages. Let us know if you need an extended language package and get access to customers in any region of the world.

Less plugins needed

Your site will be built for speed, performance, and security. A "plug-in" heavy site leaves security holes and heavy load times on servers which ultimately put your customers experience in jeopardy.

Amazingly responsive

Over 52% of the web is now accessed via Mobile devices. All of our web packages provide fully responsive sites for mobile, tablet, and full desktop devices.

Community builder

Talking to your customer base is important. Moving requires trust in the company, and sending moving tips, trends, and news is the #1 way to gain potential moving families confidence.

Easy to use interface

People have enough stress when searching for a local mover already. Having your sites design be intuitive, fast, and easy to navigate will increase your leads exponentially.

Looking for something more simple & fast?

Templated same day delivery websites.


1 day is all it takes to bring your moving company to the Modern Web. Our Ultra-Fast Templated Development Process will have your new site live in just 24 hours.

See what others are saying…

"What really turned me over was the ability to handle our site on my own after the original build was done. It was so great to know I could change things on my own without having to reach some tech-support line in advance!"
Sara Kwon
Heong Moving

Best in Class Development

We use the most flexible, secure, and modern web technologies to create your site. Performance and speed is everything to today’s modern web-surfer, so you can rest assured your platform is running on top-spec tech so your visitors never disappear to a slow loading page. 

  • Rock Solid & Secure PHP Backend
  • Support from the World’s most popular CMS
  • Easily Extendable & Customized to your needs
  • Lightning fast loading speeds & Dynamic Content for your users

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