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Moving Operations Management Plug In

MOM (Moving Operations Management) is a fully customizable job operations platform, packed into one single convenient downloadable plug-in. This is a great solution for any domestic or international moving company looking for a quick, easy, and modern solution to their operations problems without having to spend thousand’s on custom development of a management platform.

Compatible with any theme, the Moving Operations Managment (MOM) Plug-in offers a full set of job operations tools for moving companies looking to increase their resource management capabilities as well as transparency to customers. MOM is fully responsive with a mobile-first design, created with field operations in mind. Any field employee can easily access the details of the job so long as they have a smartphone with internet access and browser. No special equipment required.

Your customers can also enjoy a clean and modern interface to view all of the details of their job, increasing their piece of mind and credibility in your company. Providing them the live link will allow them to see all of the details such as arrival time, allowances, and even crew supervisors, giving them a higher sense of control and awareness of their move.

Four Comprehensive User Roles

  1. Coordinators
  2. Operations Manager
  3. Job Supervisors
  4. Part Time Laborers

Job Flow

  1. Coordinator Book Job with detailed work order w/ for validation to guarantee job detail accuracy to operations
  2. Text Message notifications sent to all key staff + bulk notifications to labor pool
  3. Calendar updated with job and quick access details
  4. Calendar jobs are click-able to single move page outlining full move details and resources
  5. Operations Manager can assign resources (Trucks, Supervisor, and Full-Time crew members) to each job
  6. Labor pool can log in and register for work for a specific job
  7. Supervisors can enter packing lists digitally for clarity and accuracy
  8. Coordinators can generate instant clean & accurate packing list PDF printouts.

Future Upgrades

  • Full integration with Microsoft Office 365 API (jobs will book directly onto specified individuals Outlook calendar)
  • Enhanced reporting on resource usage (cuft / man, tracking of part-time resources, estimated v actual volume comparisons, etc…)
  • Upcoming delivery notifications enhance the ability of coordinators to increase quality control and oversight for long-transit time DTD shipments.


Labor Pool Notification System

Perhaps one of the most powerful features of MOM is the ability to set a pre-determined labor pool to leverage when jobs are booked by your coordinators. It’s as simple as creating a list of contacts of part-time available workers who you know and trust. When a coordinator books a new job, the system will automatically send a text message notification to this pool of labor notifying them the very basic details of the job (date, volume) and requesting them to register if they are available to support the work. They can then click the including link and register directly on the platform in under a minute. Your coordinator and operations manager can easily see who has registered for each job as the system will automatically update all of the details for the job with each registration.


MOM gives you the power to leverage modern technology and communication to help solve the problem of labor shortages and the time-consuming process of checking availability with a large number of part-time or subcontracted employee’s when work is booked. This is the same system and technique that some of the largest and most efficient labor companies in the world use today. Scale your labor pool to any size you want, and say goodbye to struggling to find labor when the busy season hits!

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