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What is an SEO Audit?

An SEO (Search Engine Optimization) audit is an analysis of your moving companies current digital presence and how it is performing in the search engine results (google, bing, ect…). Basically, how easy is it for potential customers to find your business when they search for your services on-line. 

We’ll help you look at not only your website, but also social media, directory listings, keywords, and competitors to understand your current position and how you can improve it. Ranking high in the search results can lead to huge gains in revenue and booked moves, so it’s important to invest in a good SEO strategy sooner than later.

A good starting point is to enroll in a Free SEO Audit. This will lay the foundation for you to develop a strategy to increase rankings, conversions, and ultimately revenue

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Why get an SEO Audit?

SEO Audits can help you supercharge your lead generation strategy and boost your revenue 10x.

Competitor Insight

Gain valuable insights into your competition, their customers, and how you can adjust your strategy to gain more market share. 

Increase Search Ranking

Increase your ranking in the search results by optimizing your website’s speed and performance. 

Higher ranking = more visibility = Increased Revenue.

Increase Closing Ratios

Understand why and how customers are coming to your website. Leverage this knowledge and identify gaps between you and the competition and increase your closing ratio. 

Boost Revenue with SEO.

SEO Audit Testimonials

This was super useful. There were so many basic things that we just weren't doing that it really took me by surprise. Totally worth it.
Jerry Frey
Director of Marketing
Our SEO report gave us a clear look at our position in the market in comparison with our most formidable competitor.
Mark Hanson
Sales Lead
We were able to identify a line of revenue I didn't even realize we were missing out on. The research in the report was very insightful.
Craig Vulmer
General Manager

SEO Audit Benefits:
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Frequently asked questions about our SEO Audit.

Yes, 100%. We’re confident you’ll get a lot of insights out of the free report. The audit naturally provides recommendations on how to improve things for your business. Whether you choose us to help you with these or implement them yourself  is totally your choice, no obligations, commitments, or contracts required. 

Modern day tools for website analysis are incredible powerful. We can help you see many factors of performance and strategy of your competitors using fully publicly available information. This is perhaps one of the most powerful sections of the SEO audit, so we highly recommend enrolling for these insights alone. 

Yes. We can  help you with any or all of the reports recommendations as you want. Plans and services are very flexible, so you have the power to choose and build your strategy however you feel is the best fit for your business. 

We’ll deliver the report in a PDF format to your email.

We can usually provide the report within a 7-day period of your submission.

Just the basics. We do need some fundamental information to run the report so we’ll have you complete an easy and quick form after you sign up. 

Yes, absolutely. One common mistake amongst movers when it comes to digital strategy is lack of follow through. This report will provide you data, insights, and recommendations only. It’s up to you to actually apply them in order to see the results, but if you do, we’re confident you’ll see a boost in lead conversion and booked moves.

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Optimizing the digital presence of your moving business is key to increasing sales in the coming year. Don’t start too late and miss the lead generation season for the summer of 2020.

Get your Free SEO Audit today and make this coming busy season your most profitable yet.

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