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Cubic Feet, haulage, rate cards, accessorial charges…Don’t worry, we speak your lingo. The team at ExpressDev has over a decade of real-world moving industry experience. 

“Why does this matter to me” you ask? – Well let’s put it this way, if you’re pet parakeet was having problems seeing, would you rather take him to the normal old Vet, or the or the guy who wrote the book on Parakeet eye issues? Sure, the normal vet is probably a perfectly qualified medical professional, but if you want to make sure Lil’ Petey Parakeet’s eye is going to get fixed up right, chances are you will opt for the specialist. 

Building a website is no different. ExpressDev focuses on movers and helping companies both big and small reach their goals in the digital space. Whether your website just needs a facelift or you need a fully-custom built web application to help drive user engagement and increase leads, we can help you. 

What Your Customer Are Looking For

Your customers demand a high quality digital experience. We’ll help you deliver that, and more.

Design & Feel
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Of users will make a decision of how they feel about your brand based on your web-design and feel alone.

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of people will make their decision about a company’s credibility based on their website design and appearance.

Call to Action
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of small business do not have a call to action on the homepage of their website, loosing opportunity with each visit.

Load Time
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Of visitors expect your website to load in 2 seconds or less. Any longer and you can expect to never see 88% of them again.

Grow Your Business

74% of visitors decide on a company based on their web design. Modernize your presentation to the world and never miss a lead again.


What do you actually do?

We build websites, web applications, logos, and content for moving companies.We also offer on-going support and SEO services to help keep you bring in the leads.

Why should i choose expressdev ?

There are plenty of companies who can help you build a website, but how many of them actually understanding the moving business?

Can I make changes after our site is done?

Of course. In fact, our entire process was designed to make sure you have full control the whole way through. After the initial build is done you’ll have full access to post or edit anything you’d like. 

What do you need from me?

Before each project we’ll have an in-take session to get a feel for your company and how we can best help you position your new website. Depending on the package you sign up for you may also need to provide the written content and images for placement into the site. 

Do you offer on-going support ?

Yes. A majority of our customers sign up for on-going monthly support packages to make sure their site remains on-line, secure, and updated if anything goes wrong. 

Im not a moving company, can you still help?

Yes. While we are specifically good at helping moving companies we are certainly not limited to this industry by any means and can deliver full services for any company or industry.

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