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10 Best Ways to Advertise a Moving Business

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These days, the Internet is changing the way every single market in the world operates. There are no goods or services which have not been affected by the Internet in some capacity in the last two decades. And the moving industry is no exception! Which is why we’ve decided to tell you about the best ways to advertise a moving business!

The brick-and-mortar option

Advertising on Times Square.
Obviously, street ads can still be extremely important!

Obviously, there’s still the option of non-digital advertising, even in this day and age. You can use billboards to deliver a short, but impactful message, or advertise on your local radio station! While these types of ads still exist, today they are best used as supplements to digital advertising, rather than being enough on their own. Even the strongest brands in the world use both offline and online ads. And if you’re going to advertise a moving company, we suggest you do the same!

Build an optimized website

Naturally, having a strong online presence is crucial – you’ve probably gathered as much by now. But simply having any kind of website is not nearly enough. It has to be optimized well in order for it to have value to your potential customers.

First of all, it needs to have a sleek, modern design. Anything else will put people off, seeing as most reputable moving companies today have decent websites. But the visual effect isn’t nearly enough. Apart from that, the website needs to be optimized so it appears in people’s search engines results as much as possible. And make no mistake – search engine optimization is rarely simple. You need to constantly have quality content, you need to think about your citations as well, and basically a hundred other things. That’s why hiring professionals for this task is the best option.

Mobile Ads

As you’ve probably noticed, in recent years, people have been spending more and more time on their smartphones. Seeing as these devices constantly have our attention, it’s the perfect place to advertise a moving business, or any other kind of product or service! Don’t think twice about using message ads to promote your company. And you’ve got plenty of options here as well. From MMS and SMS, to message apps like Viber and WhatsApp – there’s a lot to cover!

Social Media Ads

We don’t even have to tell you how impactful social media has become in the past decade. Most of the time people spend online is actually on social media; so not advertising here would be a big mistake. In fact, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook all have significant revenue from ads; which users see in an unobtrusive way constantly. So, make sure that social media ads are a part of your moving company’s online presence.

Google Ads

A laptop with Google opened in a browser.
Google Ads are the basic building blocks of online advertising!

If you want to build leads towards your website, and make sure that as many people see it as possible, there’s really nothing better than Google ads. And while their AdWords service is more cost-effective for big companies, small business owners use their AdWords Express. This is a low-cost version with more limited options, but one any company can afford.

Branded Aps

Speaking of ad budgets, if you’ve got the money to spend on this kind of ad, it’s really one of the best ways to build a quality moving brand online. Designing a useful branded app will basically mean that all of its users will remember your company, and recommend it to others as well. Naturally, the app would have to be moving-related – like an online moving quote calculator, or something similarly practical.

Display Ads

This has been the most common way to advertise a moving business for ages, or really anything else on the Internet. We’ve all seen pop-up windows and promo banners on countless unrelated websites. For a time, this was an extremely effective way of promoting a company online. However, the rise of ad block browser add-ons and software changed all of that. These days, hundreds of millions of internet users simply avoid these ads.

Native Advertising

Of course, while most online ads are pretty much on-the-nose and obvious, you’ll need a bit of native advertising as well. These are technically social media ads, but not the usual kind. With this, you use online influencers to advertise a moving business in subtle ways, in the most successful cases, without people realizing they’ve seen a paid ad in the first place.

Geo-Targeted Advertising

For a moving company, location is everything. The reason why is no big mystery – after all, most companies perform a lot of local moves, and you need people from a specific area to know about your services. This is your customer base, and interacting with it is the key to building a successful business. Which is precisely where geo-targeted ads come in. Indeed, these ads are optimized to make sure that the people in the right location will see it. Which is great – because customers are far more likely to trust a local business than a corporation that’s a thousand miles away.

YouTube Ads

The YouTube play button logo.
YouTube is an extremely effective ad platform!

Lastly, we must not disregard YouTube as a great place to advertise a moving business. We all know how effective video ads are, and YouTube is basically the largest video content hub on the planet. Plus, there are all kinds of ads you can use. From unskippable 6-second bumper ads, to in-stream ads which come up at the bottom of a video – you have plenty of options to build your YouTube ad campaign.


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